Chapter 3, Street Fighting

We returned to the office to rest up for the upcoming showdown. Marcus approached us, asking for a blood sample. Brian volunteered, although I'm not sure what Marcus wanted it for. He placed some of it on a slide, and then asked me to remove my Ward from our basement. I didn't like it, but I removed it because he needed it gone for some of his testing. Finally, the three of us set out to raid the school. We didn't even make it past the first traffic light before two cars full of thugs came from either end and pincered our car. I immediately received a call on my cell phone - it was Marcus. He warned us that we might be attacked on our way to the school. I told him to figure this junk out a little faster next time. The goons began to run out of their cars into cover. One of them ran up to the side of our car and I did what you see in every action movie - I cardoored him. He stumbled backwards and I opened fire with my uzi. Meanwhile, Brian attempted to outdo me by diving around the side of the car while firing his pistol.
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