Chapter 3, Street Fighting

Just then, a shot flew past me and ricocheted off the roof of our car. Turns out there was a sniper on the roof of a nearby building. I needed to get out of his sight, so I ran out of our car to the side of the building, getting shot on the way. Desmond had just finished smashing one of the goons on the forehead with his wrench and picked up the body, using it as a meat shield. He was lucky he did - the sniper on the roof took a shot at him, but hit the corpse. Desmond then charged another goon and threw the corpse onto him. What a lunatic. At this point, I was annoyed with the sniper on the roof, so I used Forces and shoved him off. He screamed as he feel to his doom. The last guy saw that his odds weren't good and jumped back into his car. Desmond used Matter to annihilate the car's engine, but swung his wrench down onto the car to make it look like he just hit it really hard. The car wasn't going anywhere. I used Forces to detonate the tear gas grenades the guy was carrying. He stumbled out of the car, and Desmond walked up smashed him.
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