Meet the Characters

Barry Duvall (Andy)

Barry grew up in the upper city. His father Gary Duvall was a well respected shop owner who sold magical devices he created in his workshop in the back of his shop. Gary made a good living and was able to send Barry to all the best schools in the upper city where he excelled at mathematics and science as well as magical studies. When Barry was 13 Tollstore came into power and things began to turn bleak for Lucan. Gary was a well respected member of society so he began to speak out against the new leader. He had many supporters but was never able to enact any real change. 5 years ago Barry’s father was taken by the Lucan special police force in a raid of his shop. The police said that they had reports that Gary was secretly practicing divine magic on his patrons (Gary was know for crafting charms and trinkets that could cure all sorts of ailments). Barry never saw his father after that day, he was never given a trial or sentenced, he just vanished. Barry’s mother Mary was left to raise him alone. Barry decided to take it upon himself to find his father and get his revenge against Tollstore. He has been studying his father’s notes and designs and began to manufacture his own creations. Very recently he has heard of a rebel group known only as Cataclysm (he saw some of their awesome posters) and has begun to seek them out.

Barry is a tall human with dark unkempt hair. He usually sports a pair of dark goggle on his head, heavy boots, and a long brown duster sewn with several pockets on the inside. He is very intelligent and quick to pick up on things, but all the time along in his father’s workshop has left him socially awkward. He can usually be seen carrying a large backpack on his back that is bursting at the seams.

Notable Deeds
None yet.


Bertis was born to an Elven mother and never met his father. He grew up in the slums of lower Lucan and didn't seem t o have much of a future. His mother dabbled in magic but Bertis never showed much talent or interest in learning spellcraft. Instead he spent his time leading a gang of unsavory characters in all sorts of mischief. This all changed when he started to develop strange powers. They were similar in outside appearance to the spells his mother had tried to teach him, but they were accomplished with none of the hard work and study of those boring lessons. He seemed to be able to control the powers with concentration and determination. He never knew where the powers came from, if it was a side effect or so much time breathing the Haze, or if it was something passed down from the father he never knew, but they changed everything. Bertis ditched his gang of misfits and started working as a mercenary for hire. His strange powers allowed him to take on all sorts of jobs and eventually he began to even take assignments for the rich people or the upper city. Over the last few years he has made a good living for himself this way and has built up a decent number of contacts in the upper city, but he still lives in the lower city. Even though the people of the upper city value his skills, they never see him as one of them, and he likes it that way.

Bertis was mind-controlled by Tulstor during the attack at the speech. His fate is currently unknown.

Notable Deeds
Set two doors and one street thug corpse on fire during the street chase.
Bluffed his way into the gang lair by pretending to be "Butch".
Accidentally solved the abandoned factory puzzle by overloading the furnace.
Instigated multiple arguments between Arctus, Wort, and Karne.
Bluffed his way into the transmission tower by pretending to be from "Ralph's Cleaning".
Scared Fonkin Pukethirst by placing the head of the sewer monster on him while he was unconscious.
Voted to kill Wort for his misdeed.
Disguised Qirk as Tulstor amazingly well.
Was mind-controlled by Tulstor.

Hale Doomwarden (Ryan)

Hale Doomwarden was born with his brother Chase's wit and outgoing personality, but, like his brother, he was abducted at an early age. During a family visit to Lucan's upper level, he was lured away and kidnapped by an artificer hell-bent on using modern magical methods to produce perfected humans. The experiments left Hale skittish and withdrawn, but they also made him faster, stronger, and much more paranoid about magic and magic-users.

Eventually, he managed to escape the artificer and escape to the Cage, where he was taken in by the city's finest traditional blacksmith. Unfortunately, this also meant his father was among the city's poorest blacksmiths, but the resulting adolescence of crushing poverty has given Hale an in-depth knowledge of all the Cage's worst elements and how to handle them. His assessment: nothing solves a problem like good, old-fashioned, hand-crafted force.

Notable Deeds
Threatened an entire group of gang members to great effect.
Smashed a chair over the head of one of the doormen inside the gang lair.
Pretended to play pool with his spear, stabbing one of the pool sharks.
Repeatedly scared off inquisitive people on the streets.
Made up a story about constricting magic items to scare Wort into giving up the watch he found.
Furiously beat Wort into submission inside the secret factory.
Saved Wort's life by voting against killing him for his misdeed.
Actually hit Tulstor and knocked him off the stage.

Qirk Kek (Mike W.)

Qirk is an orphan who never knew his mother or father and spent his youth in an orphanage. Growing up was not so difficult, as he specifically took advantage of his racial trait - to shapeshift. Indeed, he is a changeling, but the history behind why he was abandoned is not known. Growing up, Qirk idolized a professor of the Lucan college who would consistently travel to distant lands searching for magical treasure. As Qirk became a young adult, he studied to learn how to create magical items of his own at the college. As time in the library slowly passed, Qirk made some good friends but realized that many magical creation techniques would take longer than he cared to learn and instead took his broken knowledge off on exciting adventures to seek out the items that were already made and hidden. Qirk often leaves behind his dusty apartment on these adventures only to return to pay bills, tell his friends what he has done, and store those oh so precious trinkets.

Qirk later had an identity crisis and realized that he is, in fact, an Eladrin rogue. Unfortunately, he lost the ability to shapeshift forever as a result.

Notable Deeds
Contemplated shapeshifting into an old man and playing dead during the police raid.
Turned into a devil to scare a gang ringleader.
Continuously claims to have a "trinket" that allows him to shapeshift.
Thought of the name for the heroes' group.
Created posters for Cataclysm that say "Who is Cataclysm?"
Picked a fight with a police officer.
Delivered a speech to all residents of the lower city from the transmission tower.
Attempted to set up a bomb during the office raid.
Voted to kill Wort for his misdeed.
Suffered an identity crisis and realized he is a rogue.
Spoke to the people of the Lower City during the speech.
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