Glossary of People and Places

Bairwin Wildarson

Bairwin is the owner of Bairwin's Grande Shoppe in Winterhaven. The heroes never paid much attention to him until he offered to pay them to deliver a package to Gendar for him.


A major deity. The Horned Lord and demon lord of minotaurs. The heroes are currently raiding the Well of Demons, a shrine to Baphomet that has been turned into a hideout by the Blackfang Gnolls.

Blackfang Gnolls

The local tribe of Gnolls within the Thunderspire Labyrinth. They have set up a hideout in an old shrine to Baphomet, but worship Yeenoghu.


A large ogre that works for the Ordinators by collecting "protection" money from the various merchants in the Seven-Pillared Hall. He is not allowed to collect from the Halfmoon Tavern for unkown reasons, so he vents his frustration by routinely intimidating Rendil and causing a ruckus. Brugg also accidentally knocked Travok into the underground river within the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Chamber of Bone

An area very deep within Thunderspire Labyrinth, filled with horrible undead. Gendar had told the heroes to search for his lost scepter here, but the heroes actually found it iwthin the Horned Hold.

Chamber of Eyes

A temple to Torog, and also the hideout for the Bloodreavers. The heroes slew all of the Bloodreavers here and have continued on to the Horned Hold in search of more slavers.


A pitiful kobold that spends his time begging on the streets of the Seven-Pillared Hall. Horkin Merryweather seemed to befriend the wretch. Charrak delivered the false letter to the heroes that led them into a trap.

Framarth (deceased)

A Duergar theurge that died defending the slave pits within the Horned Hold. The heroes found her instensely annoying, as she frequently blinded and dazed them.


A Drow living in the Seven-Pillared Hall and owner of Gendar's Curios and Relics. He is a slick salesman and never forgets when he is owed a favor. He sent the heroes to recover and old scepter for him that was supposedly lost in the Chamber of Bone. The heroes actually found it within the Horned Hold, making them wonder about Gendar. The heores eventually returned the scepter to Gendar, but not before extorting some gold from him.

Gimmerzhul Trading Post

A trading post within the Seven-Pillared Hall with a reputation for shady activities. The heroes forcibly entered after an intricate diversion, and found the place deserted. They later chased down the duergar running it and defeated them.

Halfmoon Tavern

A tavern in the Seven-Pillared Hall, it is run by Rendil and his sister. The heroes are allowed to stay free of charge for rescuing Rendil from the Bloodreavers.

Harwin (deceased)

Harwin was a trader staying in the Seven-Pillared Hall. He spoke to the heroes about them possibly guarding his caravan from the bugbears on the Vale Road. He was unaware that the heroes have already dealt with the problem, but they were not above making a quick buck off of him. Harwin turned out to be working with the Gimmerzhul Trading Post, and warned them of the heroes' arrival. The heroes later encountered Harwin alongside the Gimmerzhul Trading Post duergar, and he fled. Even after tracking him, his footsteps simply stopped, bewildering the heroes and Terrlen Darkseeker. The heroes later ran into him again after he was sent to ambush and defeat the heroes by Paldemar. The heroes won, however, and executed Harwin.

Horned Hold

The large fortress where Murkelmore Gimmerzhul had set up base. This was the center of operations for the slave trade within Thunderspire Mountain.


The supervisor at the Gimmerzhul Trading Post. The heroes interrogated her and locked her up in a closet in the Chamber of Eyes, but she blasted her way out after they left. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Krand (deceased)

The leader of the Bloodreavers. The heroes fought him in the shrine to Torog within the Chamber of Eyes and defeated him.

Murkelmore Gimmerzhul (deceased)

The duergar in charge of the Horned Hold and the Gimmerzhul Trading Post. The heroes discovered that he ran the slave trade in the Seven-Pillared hall from his fortress, the Horned Hold. The heroes raided the hold and defeated Murkelmore, effectively ending the slave trade.


The local mages that keep the peace within the Seven-Pillared Hall. They show up unexpectedly to deal with crimes, and dish out harsh justice, sometimes resulting in death. They all wear golden masks, so their identities are unknown.


Orontur works for the Ordinators inside the Seven-Pillared Hall's custom house. He has asked the heroes to investigate Paldemar, who hasn't shown up in a long time. Orontur suspects that he is up to no good.


An Ordinator, Paldemar has been missing for some time. Orontur has asked the heroes to find him, and they have so far learned that Orontur has been dealing with the Blackfang Gnolls, a local tribe of gnolls that worship Yeenoghu. Paldemar was also responsible for paying Harwin to spy on the heroes, and later, to ambush them.


Part owner of the Halfmoon Tavern, he lives in the Seven-Pillared Hall. The heroes rescued him from the Bloodreavers, and Rendil let them stay at his inn for free. Rendil also assists the heroes in their fight against the Bloodreavers in any way he can by providing information and scouting around town.

Road of Lanterns

The road leading from the entrance of Thunderspire Mountain to the Seven-Pillared Hall. It is lined with green lanterns and 77 demon statues.

Rundarr (deceased)

A huge duergar who attempted to defend the great hall within the Horned Hold against the heroes. He was known for introducing himself to his enemies before each fight.

Seven-Pillared Hall

The somewhat shady town inside Thunderspire Labyrinth. The heroes are currently using it as a base of operations in their quest to stop the slave trade. Laws are enforced by the Ordinators.

Surina (deceased)

An insane dragonborn warlock obsessed with killing all gnolls. She has charged Mialee with joining her in her cause, and frequently asks how the war against gnolls is going. The heroes eventually recruited Surina to join them in their expedition into the Well of Demons, but Surina had barely even set foot into the place before a giant tentacled monster shot out of the ground and ate her.

Terrlen "Leatherface" Darkseeker

Terrlen is an old explorer that knows the twists and turns of Thunderspire Labyrinth like the back of his hand. The heroes noticed his very weathered face, and also noticed that he became quite ill during their expedition to the Chamber of Eyes. During the expedition to the Horned Hold, Terrlen became too ill to continue. The heroes are well aware that something is wrong with him. During the raid on the Horned Hold, The Judge had a strange dream, where he saw Terrlen stumbling around near them, in some sort of fit. He hasn't yet told the other heroes. Later, residents of the Seven-Pillared Hall reported that Terrlen is missing.

Thunderspire Labyrinth

The huge maze of tunnels within Thunderspire Mountain. There are innumerable small passages leading into the Underdark, but the main roads are well lit and easy to follow.

Thunderspire Mountain

The giant mountain that lies to the North of Winterhaven. it has a huge labyrinth beneath it, and it contains a small town known as the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Trade Road

The road leading North, past Shadowfell Keep. It intersects the Vale Road, which leads into Thunderspire Mountain.


The evil god of the Underdark. There was a shrine dedicated to him in the Chamber of Eyes.

Ulthand Deepgem

An old dwarf that runs the Deepgem Company. He specializes in gems and magical items, and asked the heroes to find his missing pet boar. The heroes eventually found the boar inside the Well of Demons, but rescuing the boar was an ordeal, as the gnolls had mistreated it and it was very upset and violent.

Urwol (deceased)

The forgemaster within the Horned Hold. He had the bizarre ability to shoot fire out of his giant hammer. The heroes slew him during their raid of the Horned Hold.

Vale Road

This is the road that leads into Thunderspire Mountain. It is frequented by traders and, apparently, bugbears.

Well of Demons

The old temple to Baphomet that has been turned into a hideout by the Blackfang Gnolls. The heroes are actively clearing it of the nasty creatures.


The demon lord of gnolls. Worshipped by the Blackfang Gnolls.
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