Meet the Characters

Travok (Andy)

A dwarf wizard specializing in frost magic.

Notable Deeds
Slew Irontooth in the kobold hideout.
Kicked the door of an iron maiden shut on a goblin.
Destroyed the magic circle raising the undead at Winterhaven cemetary.
Struck the final blow to Kalarel.

Chase Doomwarden (Ryan)

A human warlord, known for his short but very effective battle orders. The scion of a noble family, Chase was switched at birth with a changeling child. A few years later, the malicious fey released him into the streets of Swordspyre, saddled with the name Doomwarden. The other urchins teased him mercilessly about it, but Chase was a bright kid with an early mastery of the evil eye, and by the time he was twelve he was in charge of a well-disciplined urchin gang, later notorious for their efforts in driving Ableforth's Olde Worlde Slaverie out of business. The gang later dissolved after the failure of their ambitious Discounte Magicke Itemme Shoppe caper, but by then Chase had already attracted significant attention. Most of it was negative.

Not all of it, though. Aging adventurer Douven Staul offered Chase a way out of Swordspyre and a position in his recently incorporated adventuring startup, based for tax reasons in the smaller, less commercially-minded town of Ravensford. Chase accepted a position as Vice President in Charge of Recruitment (all entry-level positions are Vice Presidencies) at Acquisitions, Inc., moved to Ravensford and, some say, took his first steps down the road to greatness. Others dismiss the whole thing as propaganda, but the debate is muted: the majority aren't even aware of Chase Doomwarden.


Notable Deeds
"You - up. You - stab him."
Convinced Valthrun the Prescient that Merryweather used to be in a circus.
Attempted to stop the Judge and Merryweather's execution of the kobold prisoner.
Attempted to stop the Judge's execution of Agrid.
Attempted to stop Merryweather's execution of Ninaran.
Single-handedly held off the yellow ochre within the caves under Shadowfell Keep.

Horkin Merryweather (Bodmer)

A halfling rogue that grew up on the street, thieving for a living until Douven Staul took him in. His past has some questionable parts, and he worked as a mercenary and contract killer for a time. Horkin never really killed anyone who didn't deserve it, but he would have if the price were right. People tend to underestimate Horkin since he is short, but that's when they get backstabbed.

Notable Deeds
Threatened Valthrun the Prescient.
Very effectively intimidated a kobold by feigning insanity.
Threatened Valthrun the Prescient again.
Almost got Mialee in trouble by talking too much.
Executed Ninaran during the Winterhaven cemetary fight.
Toppled a stone statue four times his size.

Cornibus "The Judge" (Eriq)

Cornibus is a dragonborn paladin, who is all business, all the time. Cornibus normally doesn't go by his proper name; he goes by his occupational name which is "The Judge" or just "Judge." He is a "Judge" for the God Bahamut. A "Judge" is a special paladin that investigates internal members of the church for corruption or lack of faith. They are easily recognized with their black robes and shining silver plate mail. Inside and outside the church of Bahamut, "Judges" are feared and respected. Even though they are respected, they are not usually welcome in any one place for very long, sort of seen as bad luck because of their inquisitional approach to everything. He holds most of the tenants of Bahamut just like most other palladins, but because of his occupation, he tends to pay close attention to certain tenants. Honor and Truth are his bread and butter. He uses these Tenants to bust most of the people he "Judges." In his training he was also trained to pay very close attention and study the inner workings of the church of Tiamat, which often infiltrates the church of Bahamut with insurgents and spies. There are very few Judges, mainly because the church of Bahamut doesn't believe it's members need to be policed very well. But the few Judges that do exist have alot of clout within the church, even thought they are generally despised among their brethren.

Notable Deeds
Completely ignored the innkeeper, Wrafton, when she attempted conversation.
Commanded the party to get off Valthrun the Prescient's back.
Slew Agrid while the party attempted to question him.
One-shotted a goblin warrior in Shadowfell Keep.
Slew Balgron the Fat in Shadowfell Keep.
Intended to punch Lord Padraig in the face after the Winterhaven cemetary fight.
Mentioned that he refuses to fight the blue slime within the underground pool again.
Traveled back to Winterhaven alone because of his refusal to camp.
Helped convince Sir Keegan that the party had good intentions and sought to destroy Kalarel.
Expressed his hatred for Mackerel.

Mialee (Erik)

Mialee is a half-elf warlock, who has a way with both words and curses.

Notable Deeds
Attempted to accompany Lord Padraig back to his manor house.
Talked Valthrun the Prescient out of leaving when he was outraged at Merryweather.
Convinced Lord Padraig's guards to let her into the manor house.
Threatened Merryweather concerning his brutal slaughter of Ninaran.
Distracted the blue slime within the underground pool long enough for the heroes to escape, as well as escaping herself.
Helped convince Sir Keegan that the party had good intentions and sought to destroy Kalarel.
Very nearly died at the hands of a giant jumping spider.
Stopped the homunculus from getting away to Kalarel.
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