Session 1 Summary


The heroes have lived in the small farming village of Ravensford since they were young. The heroes are all well-aquainted with each other, and have studied under the mentorship of Douven Staul, a local retired adventurer since childhood. As time passed, the young heroes each became skilled in a different area of expertise under Douven. One day, Douven mentioned something about a dragon's tomb and wanting to explore it, and left the village. He asked the heroes to stay back, as it might be too dangerous for inexperienced adventurers. About a month passed, and Douven still had not returned. His old-looking wife became worried, especially after rumors began to spread of cult activities in the nearby town of Winterhaven. Douven's wife begged the heroes to set off in search of him, fearing for his life. The heroes agreed, as Douven was very close to them as well. After making final preparations, the heroes have set off on the King's Road toward Winterhaven. The adventure begins along the way.

King's Road

The unsuspecting heroes set out on the King's Road towards Winterhaven, where they hoped to find information about the burial site and Douven's whereabouts. About halfway to Winterhaven, the heroes stumbled upon a poorly planned kobold ambush! The kobolds skittered around behind some boulders, giving away their hiding spot to the heroes. As the heroes approached, the kobolds realized the heroes were aware of their presence, and attacked! The kobold troop consisted of 2 shield-bearing kobolds, 1 kobold slinger, and 5 weaklings. The party easily dispatched the kobolds in a quick fight, resulting in the decapitation of one kobold by the Judge's greataxe. Unfortunately, the slinger was very quick to retreat and managed to escape the heroes. The heroes, satisfied with their performance, continued to Winterhaven.



After arriving at Winterhaven around dusk, the heroes were allowed through the main gate into the walled town. Winterhaven is medium-sized settlement with a population of 977. The heroes looked around town to find a variety of amenities, including shoppes, a smithy, a stable, a temple devoted to Avandra, and Wrafton's Inn. In addition, the heroes discovered an inner gate leading to a manor house, barracks, and siege defense building. However, the area was off limits, and the heroes entered Wrafton's Inn.

Upon entering, the innkeeper, Wrafton, greeted the adventurers warmly and offered some clean beds for 2sp apiece. The Judge was having none of this polite conversation, however, and completely ignored Wrafton as he stomped upstairs to go to bed. Travok and Chase asked Wrafton some questions about recent events, and learned the Douven had passed through about a month earlier in his search for the dragon's tomb. Wrafton also directed the heroes to the local "historian and farmer," Eilian the Old.

Eilian also remembered Douven, and marked the location of the dragon burial site on the heroes' map. In addition, Eilian also recommended that the heroes speak to the "sage and scholar," Valthrun the Prescient. When questioned about the rumors of local cult activity, Valthrun mentioned the old keep a few days' travel away to the North. However, Valthrun seemed reluctant to say any more and instead requested some time to look through his library for more information. Merryweather, growing agitated with Valthrun's reluctance, brandished his blade and lightly threatened the old scholar. Luckily, Chase came up with a quick explanation and convinced Valthrun that Merryweather used to be in a circus and still had some social problems. Valthrun settled down as Merryweather began to juggle daggers on the bar counter. However, Wrafton asked him to get down, as it was dangerous to other patrons. At this point, Merryweather went upstairs to bed, and the resident of the local manor house, Lord Padraig entered the bar. All the patrons rose and doffed their hats as he entered, and the heroes noticed that the lord seemed used to this, and also that he did not like to make a big show of this sort of entrance. Valthrun recommended that the heroes talk to Lord Padraig about their run-in with the kobolds, and they approached the lord.

Lord Padraig introduced himself and listened to the heroes' story about the kobold ambush and Douven. Though the lord was unfamiliar with Douven, he was well aware of the kobold presence in the area. Seeing that the heroes were capable enough to survive the ambush, he asked them to "deal with" the kobold problem in exchange for 100gp. Chase, using his skills of diplomacy, talked the lord up to 140gp, and the heroes agreed to eliminate the kobolds. After speaking with Lord Padraig, the heroes noticed a young elf adventurer sitting by herself at a corner table. Unfortunately, the elf was rather surly and had no interest in conversation, despite the heroes' best efforts. Finally, Travok and Chase retired for the night.

In the morning, the heroes visited Valthrun at his tower, but he said that he needed more time to reasearch the old keep and dragon burial site. The heroes decided to head for the location of the kobold hideout, as marked by Lord Padraig, but not before renting three horses and one riding dog for faster travel.

King's Road, Part 2

Shortly after setting out on the King's Road once again, the heroes were ambushed a second time! Unfortunately, the escaped kobold slinger had warned the others the night before, and they set up a more effective ambush that actually took the heroes by surprise. The kobolds attacked fiercely, trying to take the heroes down as fast as possible. However, the heroes survived the initial ambush and were able to enter combat with the kobolds. A kobold caster was present this time, and he unleashed some damaging acid spells before Merryweather took him down with a lethal backstab. The remaining shield-bearing kobolds engaged the heroes while a solitary skirmisher kobold hid in the nearby woods, only to leap out at the Judge a moment later. The heroes were able to take down the remaining kobolds, and even managed to subdue one of them without killing it. The heores tied a leash of sorts around his neck and demanded that he lead them to the hideout. In addition, The kobold caster dropped a strange necklace that the Judge, with his knowledge of religion, recognized as a small statue of Orcus, the demon lord of the undead. Not a good sign.

Kobold Hideout

Kobold Hideout

Upon arriving at the campout, the leashed kobold began screeching, hissing, and jumping up and down, effectively alerting the entire camp of the heroes' presence. Merryweather and the Judge immediately silenced the kobold by killing him, despite Chase's attempts to keep him alive. Merryweather snuck through the trees to scout out the kobold forces. He found them scattered around in great numbers, along with a strange arcane circle on the ground nearby. The heroes engaged the kobolds from the woods, using the trees as cover. At one point, the Judge went down after being overrun by a veritable wave of kobold minions. In a stunning move, Chase walked over, ordered the Judge to get up and "walk it off," and commanded Merryweather to stab the remaining kobold in the back, killing it. Not one to joke around, Chase put it best as, "You - up. You - stab him." The battle was over failry quickly, as most of the kobolds were unskilled soldiers, and the heroes took the battle behind the nearby waterfall, into the kobold hideout.

Irontooth The heroes were greeted by about 10 more kobolds at the entrance, as the battle ensued, the heroes quickly gained the upper hand against the weakling kobolds. After a minute or so of fighting, the battle was interrupted by a great horn sounding and one final wave of kobolds along with their leader, a goblin named Irontooth. The final battle had begun, and things began to look grim for the heroes; they were outnumbered and the kobolds just kept coming. The Judge immediately ran over to engage Irontooth, while the other heroes attmpted to clean up the remaining kobolds. The battle continued on, and the heroes eventually injured Irontooth badly, at which point he became enraged and worked himself into a frenzy, swinging his axe at everyone nearby. Irontooth took Chase down and the party seemed to be in serious trouble. Travok pulled out his big spell, and did serious cold damage to Irontooth, as well as covering the ground around him in ice. Irontooth, in a fit of rage and slipping on the bed of ice, managed to swing his axe into his own leg and was immobilized. Unable to escape the cloud of frost, Irontooth died and the remaining kobolds fled for their lives. As Irontooth collapsed on the floor, he shouted, "Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!" The party saved Chase and looted the hideout. Among the gold and items, the heroes found a note to Irontooth, describing a rift opening, as well as a spy in Winterhaven, signed by Kalarel. Victorious, the heroes now must return to Winterhaven. G
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