Glossary of People and Places


A device capable of drawing magic from the environment. Personal accumulators are the size of a small desk, while industrial accumulators can be the size of a building. The upper level of Lucan is levitated by four enormous accumulators. These devices give off a residue that causes a sort of pollution referred to as the Haze. The heroes acquired one from an abandoned factory and are using it to power their hideout. The heroes discovered that disconnecting an accumulator that is still powering a device causes it to overload and possibly explode, depending on the load.


An elf that lives in Ardanthis. He returned the heroes' weapons to them.


An old man that helped the heroes escape from the apartments. He mentioned that he has lived in Lucan since before it became an industrial giant, and that he does not approve of Tulstor's advancement. Arctus is a divine magic user, which is illegal in Lucan. He has proven to be a morally sound ally, though overly strict and intractible. Arctus seems to value life over all else, as evident in his defense of Wort.


A utopian elven village built within the limbs of an enormous tree that seems to only exist in dreams. The heroes were banished there after being defeated by Tulstor during the speech. However, they were forcibly woken up from this dream by Bogard.

Black market

The illegal market that runs covertly in the lower city. Karne has connections to the boss and they have agreed to periodically supply the heroes with magic items for a fair price.


A young man that followed the heroes back to their hideout. He has volunteered his services to help try and rid Lucan of the government. Bogard has demonstrated signficant skill in combat as well as strong moral judgment. In addition, Bogard revealed that he possesses telepathy when he awoke the heroes inside the prison.

The Cage

The Cage is the wall that surrounds the lower level of Lucan. The general rule is "no one comes in, no one goes out."


The name the heroes have chosen for their party.

Fonkin Pukethirst

A strange man that has been caught following the heroes twice. He seems like a nervous civilian, but the heroes can't shake the suspicion that there might be more to Fonkin.

The Haze

The Haze is a huge dark greenish cloud that hangs over all of Lucan. It has formed from accumulator residue mixing with other pollutants in the air and is believed to cause psychological problems with long-term exposure.

Haze flash

A haze flash is when the Haze concentrates in an area and releases a brief but intense flash of greenish light. This phenomenon is not understood.


A former bandit that has a past connection with Wort, though Wort seems hostile to him at times. He also has connections to the black market. Karne has agreed to help Cataclysm in exchange for rescuing him from the gang lair and has shown to be an expert combatant. He has currently been orderd to watch Wort to make sure he doesn't kill another civilian.

The Knives

A gang of Lucan's lower level. The heroes fought and eventually ran from their superior numbers.

Lower City

The bottom level of Lucan, it is made up of industrial slums. It is largely populated with the poor and criminals.

Lucan, City of Magic

The largest and most technologically advanced city in Tamora. It is run by Tulstor, who is responsible for its advancement, but also its social decline.

Lucan Police

The police of Lucan are to be avoided. They are unfriendly at best, and violent at worst. They raided the heroes' apartments, forcing them to flee to the streets.

Lucan Prison

A hidden prison within Lucan. The heroes awoke here after being defeated by Tulstor and waking from their dream of Ardanthis. Wort broke the heroes free and they escaped into the caverns below.


The central elevator used to travel between the upper and lower levels in Lucan. It is heavily monitored and proper clearance is required to use it.


The powered train that runs throught the lower level of Lucan. It is the only form of transport, and is monitored by mag-train security personnel. The heroes used it to travel to the transmission tower, but Qirk caused a security alert by bringing alcohol onto the train.


A prototype powered suit that the heroes discovered inside the secret factory. It is intensely destructive and the heroes have seen hints that they may be in production. The heroes escaped the secret factory by utilizing three mag-walkers.


A strange condition which seems to affect longtime residents of Lucan. Faint runes appear on the skin and the person slowly loses mental stability. The heroes encountered one on the mag-train. Later on, the heroes found some documents inside the secret factory detailing the symptoms. They also learned that the Lucan government has attempted to induce the condition at least once.

Secret Factory

A factory found within the office that the heroes raided. The heroes found numerous incriminating documents and several operational mag-walkers within. The factory was destroyed when the heroes overloaded the accumulator.


A dwarf the heroes encountered in Ardanthis. He helped explain the village to them, but was unwilling to leave.

Transmission Tower

A multi-story building that transmits audio throughout the lower city. The heroes hijacked it to broadcast their upcoming raid.


The dictator of Lucan, known for fanatical beliefs about technological advancement. Tulstor delivered a speech to the Lower City residents concerning the heroes' raid on the secret factory. The heroes bluffed their way onto the stage using disguises and interrupted him, launching an attack. However, Tulstor easily defeated the heroes and exiled them to Ardanthis.


A man who was living on the third floor of the apartments. He claims to know the streets of Lucan well, but led the heroes through gang territory. Wort also led the heroes on a raid through a gang lair. It was later discovered through Karne that Wort had a personal stake in the raid. Wort has displayed misanthropic and violent tendencies and finally acted on them by slaughtering an Upper City civilian during the secret factory raid. Consequently, the heroes imprisoned him and nearly conspired to murder him. However, Hale finally decided that Wort should live and he was released on probation. Later on, Wort broke the heroes free from the prison they had been thrown into.
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