Glossary of People and Places

Agrid (deceased)

Agrid was a gnome skulk in charge of the excavation at the dragon burial site, and was responsible for Douven's capture. Agrid was slain by Cornibus "The Judge" during an interrogation.

Balgron the Fat (deceased)

Balgron the Fat commanded the goblins on the first floor of Shadowfell Keep. Despite his weight, he was extremely agile, though also very cowardly. Balgron the Fat (or "the fat man") was slain by Cornibus "The Judge" during a fight in Shadowfell Keep.

Douven Staul

The heroes' former mentor, a retired adventurer. Douven recently departed his home in Ravensford to investigate and ancient dragon burial site. However, he had not returned after a month, and the heroes rescued him from Kalarel's men at the burial site.

Dragon burial site, ancient

A burial site located near Winterhaven. Douven Staul went in search of the area a month prior to the heroes' adventure. The heroes found Douven, along with Kalarel's men at the site. A battle ensued, and an old mirror was recovered from the leader.

Eilian the Old

An old farmer living in Winterhaven. Eilian fancies himself a local historian, and likes to talk about old junk. He told the heroes where to find the ancient dragon burial site.

Ernest Padraig, Lord

The lord of Winterhaven. He lives in the manor house within the inner gate of the city. He is known to frequent Wrafton's Inn for a drink, although he doesn't like to make a big show of it. Lord Padraig tasked the heroes with destroying the local kobold uprising, as well as with the defeat of Kalarel. He later asked them to defeat the undead rising from the Winterfall cemetary for a reward.

Irontooth (deceased)

A tough goblin in charge of the local kobold uprising near Winterhaven. Irontooth wielded a large axe for a weapon and was known for his extreme rage upon being injured. Irontooth was slain by Travok during the battle at the kobold hideout.

Kalarel (deceased)

Kalarel was mentioned in a note locked away in Irontooth's treasure hoard, as well as by Agrid at the dragon burial site. He is in charge of the cult of Lord Orcus within Shadowfell Keep, and the heroes must defeat him. He employed Ninaran as a spy in Winterhaven, and later commanded her to attack the heroes with an undead horde. Kalarel was later defeated by Travok in the lowest area of Shadowfell Keep, in his temple to Orcus.

Keegan, Sir (deceased)

Sir Keegan was the paladin in charge of Shadowfell Keep. According to legend, the keep's proximity to the shadow rift drove him mad and he killed nearly everyone in the keep before being driven into the underground and executed. The heroes found Sir Keegan within his tomb, where he waited for eternity. Sir Keegan told them the correct story - that the shadow rift possessed him and he escaped to the tomb, where he sealed himself. He then charged the heroes with defeating Kalarel and preventing the shadow rift from being reopened. Now that Kalarel is dead and the rift sealed, Sir Keegan's ghost has passed on.

King's Road

The road stretching from Ravensford to Winterhaven. It has been under attack by local kobolds recently. The heroes fought off two such attacks during their stay at Winterhaven so far.

Kobold hideout

This was a small cave behind a waterfall to the southeast of Winterhaven. It was the base of operations of the local kobold uprising, led by Irontooth. The heroes fought and killed Irontooth and nearly all of the kobolds at this hideout.

Ninaran (deceased)

A young-looking elf adventurer Chase and Travok noticed sitting by herself in Wrafton's Inn. She declined all attempts at conversation. Later, at the Winterhaven graveyard, Ninaran attacked the heroes with an undead horde at the behest of Kalarel. She was ultimately defeated, and then brutally slaughtered by Merryweather.

Orcus, Lord

Lord Orcus is the demon lord of the undead. The heroes have seen two references to this deity: one kobold was wearing a necklace holding a small statue of Lord Orcus, and a note in Irontooth's treasure hoard, written by Kalarel, also mentioned the evil deity. The rift to Orcus has been closed by the heroes.


The small farming village the heroes started in. Also the home of Douven Staul, the heroes' former mentor.

Salvana Wrafton

The friendly innkeeper and owner of Wrafton's Inn. She assisted the heroes with information about Douven's whereabouts a month ago. She also knows the locals of Winterhaven and their personalities very well.

Shadowfell Keep

Some old, abandoned ruins north of Winterhaven. There were rumors of cult activites within the Shadowfell Keep, and the heroes are now certain Kalarel resides within. They have been sent to defeat him by Lord Padraig. The heroes were given directions to the ruins by Valthrun the Prescient. The heroes cleared out the keep and defeated Kalarel.


A pitiful goblin prisoner, freed by the heroes, but put on a leash and forced to lead them to Balgron the Fat. The heroes forgot about poor Splug and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Valthrun the Prescient

The local "sage and scholar" of Winterhaven. Valthrun told the heroes of the old ruins located nearby to the north of Winterhaven. However, he seemed reluctant to say more than that, and asked to be left alone to research the ruins inside his library. The heroes became more and more suspicious of Valthrun and hassled him pretty severely. However, in the end, Valthrun worked with Lord Padraig and the heroes to develop a plan against Kalarel.


The fortified town closest to Ravensford. Winterhaven is situated near some old ruins and the ancient dragon burial site Douven Staul was looking for. Winterhaven has a population of 977 and is run by Lord Padraig. The heroes are currently using Winterhaven as a base of operations for the area.

Winterhaven cemetary

The cemetary near Winterhaven. Ninaran inscribed a magic circle within the cemetary to raise an undead horde to attempt to kill the heroes. She and the undead army were ultimately defeated.

Wrafton's Inn

The local tavern located in Winterhaven. Owned and run by Wrafton, it is a popular spot for the locals.
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