D&D 4th Edition House Rules

"Gregz Standard" Stat Generation

As 4th Edition stat generation except characters get 32 points instead of 22. This is to create more powerful (and therefore more fun) characters.


Each character will get a certain number of interests based on his level. Interests provide you bonuses on rolls involving them in some way. They are usually focused on a certain activity or study. For example: one might have an interest in "the history of Swordspire" and he would get bonuses on history skill checks involving Swordspire. Alternately, a character may use an interest to learn a new language. These will probably not come into play at all during combat, but will be used during talking, exploration, and research.

A character starts with one interest related to his native race, culture, or homeland and two additional interests of his choice. A character gains a new interest on even levels.

Action Dice

Each character will start each session with a certain number of action dice based on his level (instead of an action point). You can spend an action die to roll 1d4 (size of die increases with level) and add it to any roll you make. If the action die result is a 1, the die "explodes" and the character rolls again, totaling his rolls. Multiple explosions are possible. At paragon tier, action dice explode on 1 or 2, and at epic tier, action dice explode on 1-3. This will help with missing with dailies, which is no fun. Alternately, you can spend one action die to take an extra standard action during combat (in the same manner as an action point). You can only do this once per combat, although you can still use the rest of your action dice for rolls. Reaching a milestone will automatically award you with an action die, and any ability that causes you to gain an action point grants you an action die instead. Also, doing truly heroic or hilarious things will also get you an action die at the DM's discretion, although he must not be a jerk about it. The DM will also get some action dice to balance things out. Monsters will only be able to use action dice to take extra actions if they are listed as having action points.

1st - 5th level: 3d4, explode on 1
6th - 10th level: 4d6, explode on 1
11th - 15th level: 5d8, explode on 2
16th - 20th level: 6d10, explode on 2
21st - 25th level: 7d10, explode on 3
25th - 30th level: 8d10, explode on 3

Personal Abilities

Each character will accumulate personal abilities (skill bonuses, feats, powers, or other advantages) based entirely on his personality and interactions within the game. Abilities gained through this means will never force the player to forfeit something gained from his class.
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