Character Index

Technology AgeShifterJameson Bryant/Dr. Gorestein4.0
Age of DiscoveryShifterJosé Chimendez5.2Runner Up
Age of DiscoveryMutants and Masterminds(no name)82.8
Age of DiscoveryStar Wars D6The Coynite7.2Hall of Fame
Age of DiscoveryD6 AdventureRobert W. Burnside2.6
Age of DiscoveryBattletech(no name)1.2
Age of DiscoveryArs MagicaIgnatius2.0
Age of StructureSavage Worlds(no name)1.0
Age of StructureFunny Dice Game(no name)1.0
Age of StructureStar Wars EotEBurke Knochelmann1.2
Age of StructureFunny Dice Game(no name)1.0
Age of StructureStar Wars EotE(no name)2.0
Age of StructureStar Wars EotECharles "Woodchuck" Crowe2.2
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Xantam(no class)102.4
Age of DiscoverySpycraft 2.0(no name)Advocate/Intruder11.6
Golden AgeDragon QuestAbraxiusArch-Lich51.6
Age of DiscoveryWHFRPJürgen TulstorAssassin12.8
Dark AgeD&D 3.0CarrickBard11.0
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftCommander Charon XanthapusCaptain/Lancer53.2
Golden AgeDragon QuestRegulusCleric106.4Hall of Fame
Dark AgeD&D 3.0PaelokCleric11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0Regulus IICleric71.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0LuciusCleric73.8Runner Up
Dark AgeD&D 3.0KenlongCleric11.0
Dark AgeD&D 2.0QuarionCleric21.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RegulusCleric31.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RegulusCleric61.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RutherCleric21.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5DargothCleric224.6Runner Up
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5NathanCleric21.0
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0DariusCleric73.2
Age of DiscoveryPathfinderAlexander AusdauerCleric72.0
Age of DiscoveryD&D 5.0 PlaytestBrotherCleric21.2
Age of StructureD&D 5.0SeptimusCleric105.0Runner Up
Technology AgeD&D 3.5GraymontCleric/Healing Hand of Mishakal143.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Traven GodrickCleric/Radiant Servant of Pelor73.4
Dark AgeD&D 3.0BlaiseCleric/Templar81.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5RegulusCleric/Fighter91.6
Age of DiscoveryExaltedKirkDawn31.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0(no name)Elementalist31.0
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftCecil LegrandEmissary33.2
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftZerkos DemokritosExplorer/Keeper58.2Hall of Fame
Age of StrifeD20 ModernJohnny LockeFast21.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Nathaniel Reswald BaldwinFavored Soul122.2
Dark AgeD&D 3.0BruengorFighter21.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0MalusFighter61.4
Dark AgeD&D 3.0Zargron "Zarg"Fighter81.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0Vincent V.Fighter21.2
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5(no name)Fighter101.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5BaldwinFighter31.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Aleksandre Alphonse Minier du Chateaux "The Uninvited"Fighter106.8Hall of Fame
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5ChestreFighter81.8
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Captain GrimmFighter124.6Runner Up
Technology AgeD&D 3.5Dhareq EnkallusFighter41.6
Technology AgeD&D 3.5JaronFighter72.8
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0JaronFighter111.8
Dark AgeD&D 3.0KarneFighter/Rogue107.2Runner Up
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0AramilFighter/Rogue31.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Aramil SilvanestFighter/Rogue61.4
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5CaedrusFighter/Rogue201.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0AramilFighter/Sharpshooter71.0
Golden AgeD&D 3.0GrolgFighter/Weaponmaster187.2Hall of Fame
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0JerickFighter/Rogue71.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Naijhulle BrackenridgeFighter/Rogue31.4
Age of StructureRobeneraGarrickGlaive32.2
Age of DiscoveryDark Heresy(no name)Guardsman2.4
Age of DiscoveryStar Wars EotEHRK-132Heavy/Bodyguard7.0Hall of Fame
Dark AgeStar Wars D20(no name)Jedi Consular21.0
Age of StructureStar Wars EotEFrancis "F-Bomb" HiggsMarauder1.6
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftStolidusMartial Artist/Sage74.0
Age of DiscoveryMageYarkus HochbergMastigos/Mysterium38.0Hall of Fame
Dark AgeD&D 3.0MalgorMonk51.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0EmberMonk11.0
Age of DiscoveryMageArthur Gordon GrahamObrimos/Adamantine Arrow23.6
Dark AgeD&D 3.0TyrealPaladin11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0DaedolusPaladin11.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Cruckton PascalPaladin114.0
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraftAdrian FurnauPriest42.8
Golden AgeDragon QuestGregoricRanger11.8
Dark AgeD&D 3.0PhrostRanger11.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0ArianRanger43.2Runner Up
Dark AgeD&D 3.0RheorixRanger91.0
Age of DiscoveryPalladium(no name)Ranger11.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Käsig UnschlagbarRanger/Fighter103.6
Dark AgeD&D 3.0AltonRogue21.6
Dark AgeD&D 3.0TiresiasRogue31.6
Dark AgeD&D 2.0(no name)Rogue11.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.0(no name)Rogue121.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5(no name)Rogue101.0
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5AlaronRogue61.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0Jonk CrustbergRogue31.0
Age of RebirthD&D 3.5AlphonseRogue/Assassin154.2Runner Up
Technology AgeD&D 3.5Christoph ShazzScout134.0
Age of DiscoveryFantasyCraft(no name)Scout71.0
Age of RebirthSpycraftMark AndersonSoldier81.0
Age of StrifeSpycraftAlex "Stonewall" CromwellSoldier51.0
Age of StrifeSpycraft"Gentleman" James SunderlandSoldier73.2Runner Up
Dark AgeD&D 3.0CorbinSorceror61.0
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0Hector SalazarSwordmage111.4
Age of DiscoveryD&D 4.0Merkus SpitespewerSwordmage63.0
Dark AgeAlternityGreg HendricksTechnology Operative11.4
Golden AgeDragon QuestMotarThief/Wizard11.0
Age of StructureD&D 5.0BarakasWarlock11.0
Age of RebirthSpycraftVincent V.Wheelman21.2
Golden AgeDragon QuestGlirkusWizard22.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0Al'ThorWizard51.0
Dark AgeD&D 3.0GlirkusWizard31.8
Age of StrifeD&D 3.5Merdik the UninspiredWizard87.6Hall of Fame
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